How To Build A Kickstarter Video You Can Be Proud Off

Taha Khan | April 13, 2019

If you know how Kickstarter works then you may also know that videos play a crucial role in the success of your campaign. There are many types of videos used in Kickstarter projects but not all of them get success because either they don’t have the most crucial factors that make the best Kickstarter videos or they are done by people who don’t have experience with Kickstarter video making.

This post will guide you about the key factors to consider that make the most successful Kickstarter videos and also whether you should make the video by yourself or go for a professional Kickstarter video production company. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Ingredients of The Best Kickstarter Videos:

Considering the fact that you already know how Kickstarter works, you may have the idea that videos are crucial for the success of your campaign. And there are some things that you can do to ensure its success:

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The first thing that you do should when it comes to making a Kickstarter video is to conduct a thorough research. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel but you need to take inspiration from some of the most successful Kickstarter videos in your industry and also lessons from the failed ones.

There are tons of categories in Kickstarter campaigns and you can easily find campaigns related to your industry. You can create a spreadsheet containing the list videos of both successful and failed campaigns related to your product, watch them and take inspiration and note these things:

  • What are the elements they focused on?
  • What are the differences between both successful and failed campaign videos?
  • What did you like about the videos?
  • When did you start to lose interest?

These are the things that will help you get an idea of what to add or eliminate from your video.

Transition Matters:

If you are creating an explainer or animated video, then you need to keep in mind that smooth and flawless transition from one scene to another is extremely crucial. You cannot break the flow of the video, or your audience might start to tune out.

Make sure to either get the help of a professional Kickstarter video production company or if you are doing it yourself, then sharpen your transitioning skills first.

Keep Copyright Law in Mind:

Though the chances of having a video with scenes or characters owned by someone else are slim, it is still important to keep copyright laws in mind to avoid getting your campaign suspended and losing months of effort and the trust of your backers.

The best thing to do here is to take the royalty-free characters and music for your animation explainer video. But if you want a professional look and not something that shouts ‘cheap’ then it is better to ask for the help of a Kickstarter video maker agency as they create their own characters from scratch.

Consider Duration:

According to research by BreadnBeyond; Videos that are around 60 seconds long have the highest audience retention rate. This means that your video should be one to two minutes long. 

However, if you have more content to talk about and you can come up with an excellent script that is highly engaging, then you can go up to three to five minutes as well. We understand that 60 seconds seem like a very short period, but in the world of internet, it is a lot of time. And unless you have highly engaging content, having a video of three to five minutes will simply bore your audience.

Thumbnail is Important:

Creators at YouTube have mastered the art of thumbnails and have figured out how to get the attention of rapid browsers with ages between 18 and 34 and make them click on the videos. They do this by using visually appealing and highly attractive images.

Kickstarter video is not any less, in fact, it is more important because your whole project depends on it and if your video is not good enough, you may not get many backers, and that may result in failure. So use photo editing software like Photoshop and create a beautiful thumbnail for your video.

If you don’t have experience in editing, you can also hire someone to do it for you. But it is better that they have the knowledge of explainer videos so they can create a highly relevant thumbnail.

Put Call to Action:

Granted, call to actions have been getting a bad reputation lately, but that is because they are used in a wrong way by gimmick marketers with phrases like ‘Limited time offer’ or ‘Don’t wait, buy now.’ The true purpose of a call to action is to focus the viewer’s attention on to the action you want them to take.

Make sure to connect your call to action with a problem that your audience has. If your product can solve that problem, you can tell them to take action so they can find relief from their problems.

Consider Hiring a Kickstarter Video Production Company:

If you have the budget to do so, it is highly recommended that you consider hiring a professional Kickstarter video maker agency because all of the key ingredients of a good Kickstarter video mentioned above can only be taken care of by experts.

So by hiring a professional agency, you can just focus on promoting your campaign and making your product better instead of getting stuck with creating a video by yourself. (More on this below)

Should You Be Making It By Yourself?

A question that stems from the last point is whether you should do it by yourself or not? Well, you can obviously do it by yourself, but that doesn’t guarantee the high quality and engaging content a professional video has. Have a look at a few reasons why it might not be a good idea to do it individually:

  • You don’t have many resources like a library of attractive graphics for the video
  • You don’t have professional animation skills
  • You may not be able to create a script that is engaging to the audience
  • You may not be able to make a smooth transition between scenes, create relatable characters and visually appealing scenes
  • You don’t know if the scenes or characters you are using are copyrighted or not

So these are a few things that you should consider if you want your video to be among the best Kickstarter videos. Now that we have told you why you may not be able to create a professional video by yourself, have a look at the reasons why a Kickstarter video maker agency can create the most successful Kickstarter videos for you.

Why You Should Hire a Kickstarter Video Maker Agency?

  • Scripting: This is the most important part of a video, and all of the most successful Kickstarter videos have focused on making a strong script. Professional Kickstarter video production companies have skilled writers who are expert in writing scripts exclusive to Kickstarter videos.
  • Animation: Due to the fact that Kickstarter video maker agency has its own team of expert animators and fully licensed software, they can create professional videos that will appeal to your audience. If you do it by yourself, you will have to purchase the software, and you still may not be able to create a good video because you may not have desired animation skills.
  • Special Effects: One of the things that make your whole animation stand out and highly attractive is the use of special visual and sound effects like thunder with rain that only professional animator can do. This makes your video more engaging.
  • Storyboarding: Remember that we talked about transitioning above? Well, that is achieved with smart and careful storyboarding. A professional Kickstarter video production company will put together a logical order of the scenes that make sense when transitioned from one to another.
  • Rendering and Editing: Once the clients look at the initial storyboard, the video maker then makes changes if required using professional editing software. And once the editing process is completed, the video is then rendered to come out in a perfect sequence with high-quality graphics.
  • Voiceover: One of the most important parts of the best Kickstarter videos is the quality of the voiceover. The accent, the speed of speech, the breaks and pauses in the narration make all the difference in capturing and keeping the attention of the audience. And only an animation video production company can put such voiceover in the video because they have contacts with industry-leading voiceover artists.

PurpleFox, A Leading Kickstarter Video Production Company Can Help You:

If you know how Kickstarter works and you really want to build a Kickstarter video that you can be proud of, then you need skills in video animation, scriptwriting and voiceover and then you can use the list of key ingredients of best Kickstarter videos given above to make a killer video.

But if you don’t have these skills and you still want to crush it, then we suggest that you should go for a professional Kickstarter video production company. And the good thing is that we specialize in creating the most successful Kickstarter videos.

We have the team, tools and skills to create videos that your audience wants to watch. And with our engaging story, beautiful and exclusive graphics and characters people visiting your Kickstarter page will get completely hooked.

So if you want to achieve the goal of your project, you should consider the Kickstarter animation video. Granted, you can create a live action video by yourself but remember, it will not have that quality or ability to show abstract ideas that make the animation videos more interesting.  

Still, if you want to know why you should get animation video for your project instead of a live-action video, then you can read our post on this subject here.

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