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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What am I getting for my money?

The fact is, there are many ‘animation’ and ‘motion graphic’ companies out there that can produce an ‘animated video’ for you.

But what exactly are you getting for your money?
Off the shelf animation packages are cheaper and will tell your audience a story. However, this will not be YOUR story as many of the assets they use to ‘make’ ‘your’ animation will also be used by your competitors in their own animated videos. We create fully customized, tailor made animations for each of our clients., for very reasonable prices. Why would you want to look and sound exactly the same as your business rival?
Quite simply, you wouldn’t!
Do you use templates?

We don’t take any cookie cutter approach. We build all of our client videos from the ground up. All of our videos are custom made. Created from scratch from unique, in-house designed storyboards and animated using industry leading tools.

I have seen a video I like. Can you make the same style?

Sure. We can produce any type of animated video. Any style. Any look and feel. Show us what you like and we’ll create it for you.

How much input will I have?
As much, or as little as you require.We understand that some clients like to be ‘hands on’ as much as possible with their projects and there are those that simply do not have the time to micro manage a campaign of this nature. Either way, we are more than happy to work in partnership with you, in the most accommodating, and effective, way possible.
Will I have to supply any artwork?

Only if you wish to. We produce ALL assets in house ourselves, so you don’t have to. If you do have a particular image/design you wish to provide our team with for use in the production then we are of course more than happy to include this within the project too.

What kind of payment options are available to me?

We follow the standard procedure of obtaining 50% of the project payment in advance and obtaining the remaining 50% of the payment after the project is complete to your satisfaction. Once we have received the final payment we provide the final video upon completion in full HD format via a digital download.

How quickly can a project begin?
Once the 50% advance payment has been received and cleared, we will email you the project invoice and contract to sign. We will commence work when we receive a digital (email) copy of the signed contract from you.
How long does a 'typical' animation project take to complete?

​A ‘typical’ animation project will take around 4 weeks to complete from concept to final delivery. However, since each project we produce at Purplefox Animation is bespoke and not ‘off the shelf’, this can of course vary.

Will I own the animation once completed?

​You certainly will! However, we do request the right to use the work we have produced for you, in part or full, for our own marketing purposes. Once the project is completed we can provide you with complete copies of all the asset files created during the production of your animation. We do keep copies of these elements ourselves, should you require us to create more animations for you, or if you would like us to amend any previous projects we have delivered for you. If you wish us to provide you with the complete asset files we ask that you supply us with a portable storage device with enough space* to accommodate all of the project files which we shall return to you by post. (*We will inform you exactly how big these files are if this option is requested)

Can I afford it? How much does an 'animation' cost?

A well crafted animation is one of the most effective marketing tools you will ever use. We believe that we offer some of the very best value for money you will receive in our industry, especially when you consider the fact that we are creating a fully customized animation experience designed with you and YOUR clients in mind. Our typical customers have a budget somewhere between $4500-$20000. This covers a wide range of styles, tastes, techniques, content and running times. We talk with our clients to help us learn about their requirements before we discuss anything else. Taking the time to do this means everybody has a realistic understanding as to the options available, before making any commitment.

What if I change my mind after signing the contract?

​If you decide to cancel or reschedule your project we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee up to the projects quoted amount plus any costs that may have been generated as a result of us investing time in accommodating your project.

My project deals with sensitive/confidential data, how discrete is the service?
We fully understand that many of the projects we help develop come with a certain amount of confidentiality required. We shall always discuss this as a potential requirement before we even have an initial meeting with you. We always use common sense when discussing live projects in public and we are more than happy to sign NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) papers if necessary.

About Our Services


Experienced, professional and highly creative, the team at Purplefox Animation offers a wide range of services that are dedicated on getting you results. We can cover the entire production process, from neuroscience script-writing and storyboarding to animation and delivery- minus any hassle and worries.


Settle back while our professional designers build you a mobile-friendly, beautiful site that reflects your industry while following your lead and input. We craft on WordPress, the most popular and flexible building platform there is. It’s easy to adjust or add to your site as your business grows, and we can help with that.


SEO is a must – and we’re here to help. Search engine optimization only works if we’re driving the right kinds of people to your site. Our teams cultivate a strong understanding of your business needs to deliver qualified, highly engaged organic search traffic. We analyze how people are actually searching for your business, and we tailor your brand messaging to maximize your business’ relevance for those keywords. In doing so, we drive the kind of traffic that will really produce results for your business – not just a spike in pageviews.


Every business, big or small, should be running PPC. Whether you’re a small, one person operation or a fortune 500 company, we would love to work with you. We believe that every business in the world should have the opportunity to experience growth like they’ve never imagined. No matter what your budget, we can help.


At Purplefox Animation, we dig deep, research, brainstorm and then come up with a positioning and brand strategy that sets down a path to stand out in the marketplace and achieve business goals set down. We help turn start-ups into companies and help companies turn into brands.

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