9 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Animated Videos For Businesses

Taha Khan | Marck 9, 2019

Day by day increasing cut-throat competition in the market requires a business to come up with more and more efficient and appealing ways of marketing. This is where explanation video comes in handy. These beautifully crafted video with a personalized message for your customers can put a significant impact on their decision-making behavior and help you boost your sales.

But, the animated marketing videos will only work if they not only look awesome but also describe your company or your products in an attractive way. So without any more delays, here are 9 things that every company should take into consideration when thinking of getting a business animation video made.

#1 Having a Clearly Defined Objective

The one thing that gives a direction to your business animation video is a clearly defined objective. You must clarify the goal you want to achieve from this video. For instance, if you are trying to get the word out about a product with your marketing efforts. Then your animated marketing videos should be focused on that product and clearly describe it rather than talking about what your business can do, and why people should do business with you.

Granted, that people should know that your company is credible, explanation videos are typically not that long to be able to fit your businesses description and at the same time talk about your product.

So, it is imperative that you and the explanation video company you are hiring should have a clear understanding of what the outcome of your business animation video should be.

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#2 Clear and Concise Script

There is nothing more important in an explanation video than the script. It is the backbone of your business animation video, and thus, it needs to be flawless and easily understandable by your audience.

A good script first puts the finger on the pain point of the audience (a problem that they are facing) and then it talks about “What” your product can do to solve that problem. Then the script should address the “How” and “Why” factors.

If you get your script right, the explainer video company will be able to turn its words into the imagery and also provide you with an initial structure of how your video will turn out. Speaking of structure, the next crucial element for the success of an animation video is a storyboard.

#3 Having a Kick A** StoryBoard

If things are done in a proper structural manner, then even the most complex tasks can become very easy. And in the case of an explanation video, a storyboard will provide that structure to you. If you don’t know what a storyboard is, then don’t fret, we have got you covered.

Simply put, a storyboard clearly outlines how many scenes your video will have, what will be talked about in each scene and what will be the sequence of these scenes. This greatly helps in making sure that you get what you are looking for.

Furthermore, a storyboard will help you make changes and add or delete things that you want/don’t want in your video before it is created. This will save you a lot of time and your explainer video company a lot of effort. Ultimately getting your awesome animated explainer video delivered to you faster.

#4 Impactful Voiceover

There’s no denying it; a voice over can make or break your video! Just having a voice over in your animated marketing video won’t cut it, the quality matters. Whether male or female, be it American, British or Australian  accent, it is your call to choose a voice-over artist that you think will hit a home run with your video.

To ensure that the voice of the video makes an impact on the audience, you need to match the voice with the emotions in the video. If the emotion is happy, you need a cheerful and lively voice, and the same goes for other emotions.

So it is crucial for the success of your video that your audience can closely relate to the voice of your video so your product can take place in their mind.

#5 Relevant Illustrations and Designs

When making animated videos for business, the explanation video needs to have consistent color and style. When creating illustrations for the video, the colors and designs that go into the corporate identity of your company such as logo and business cards should be used.

Animators need to have a clear understanding of what style of illustration is going to be used in the videos, and they should be consistent with that style. Having two different styles in one animation will simply make it hard for the whole video to make sense.

Furthermore, the correct combination of color and a consistent video theme will make it more fluid. If you don’t know, fluid refers to how your animation video makes the transition from one scene to the next one. It is also the relationship between the elements present in the foreground and the background.

#6 Creation of Animation

Animating is not just something to be done in a short time. It is a complete science and requires a lot of thought and processing. So when creating an animation, your explainer video company must take factors like timing of illustration, elements present on screen and the hierarchy in the consideration.

Animators need to figure out how long an artwork should stay on the screen so that the audience can completely absorb all of its important contents. They also need to consider how fast the illustrations enter into the screen and the proper synchronization of the voice-over with each artwork.

Furthermore, the animator needs to consider how elements should be organized on the screen and that they don’t crash into each other, which will only depict unprofessionalism. Lastly, the hierarchy of the elements should be taken into account to decide which illustration or elements should appear first.

#7 Attention Grabbing Intro

When it comes to the intro of your explanation video, it should be interesting and be able to catch the attention of your audience. You may run your video ads on platforms like YouTube where the user can skip the advertisement after a few seconds.

So, you need to make sure that the first few seconds are highly relatable to the audience. This is because humans have a shorter attention span than of a goldfish, which is about 9 seconds.  You need to capture that attention with a killing intro of your video.

So brainstorm ideas and come up with an intro that makes your targeted audience stop and watch the whole video till the end. The intro can include some visually appealing graphics, some pleasant sound effects and more importantly, some highly relatable sentences from the voiceover.

#8 Length of the Explanation Video

The length is critical when creating animated videos for business. The video doesn’t have to describe every single product of your company unless they are complementary products and need to be mentioned together. This is because if you explain more products, the video will become lengthy and, the customers will soon lose interest in your video.

A good animation video should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. In some extreme cases, it can be shorter or longer depending on the type and strength of the message.

Typically, the animated videos with a length of more than 2 minutes usually describe a company as a whole as some companies can have very complex systems and operations and may require more than 2 minutes to be thoroughly explained. But, make sure to keep your video as concise as possible, so your audience doesn’t lose interest.

#9 Subtle Sound Effects

Have you experienced a sudden mood switch with a nice song? Well, your animated video can do the same to your viewers. The sound effects of an explainer video are like the cherry on the cake that put together the whole animation. Your video should have well-placed sound effects that perfectly match with your visuals and bring out the best in your whole illustrations.

Make sure to be subtle with the sound effects and don’t overpower them as that will only make your explanation video seem poorly organized. Maintain a balance!

Furthermore, the use of too many different sound effects can make your video senseless and may make it difficult for your audience to pay attention.

Over to You

So these are some of the factors that a business animated video must have. If you are working with an explainer video company, then you need to make sure that your animators consider these factors when creating your animated marketing videos.

Furthermore, it is imperative that you always work with a professional animation video company because the success of your product and ultimately your business depends on the message you send to your audience.

The more concise, visually appealing and clearly defined message you send, the more chances you will have for securing the leads. So if you are looking for a company that pays attention to the needs of their clients and the audience of the video, you can always contact Purplefox Animation.

We always pay close attention to the needs of our customers and their business first and then work out a plan of action that can resonate with the targeted audience of our clients.

Knowledge is Power, Keep ReadingWill An Explainer Video Company Actually Help You Increase Your ROI? Let us know down below in the comment sction if you’ve got some questions you want to fire our way, we are here to help!

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