Video Marketing Is The Future, But The Future Is Already Here.

Taha Khan | Marck 9, 2019

Online video marketing services are unequivocally the most important part of a company’s marketing process. There are tons of benefits of video marketing that many businesses haven’t realized yet and unfortunately, because of that, they are missing out on a gold-mine here.

According to OptinMonster; 60% of both B2B and B2C marketers use video for marketing. So that means there must be something in it for businesses that is making them use a proper video marketing strategy, right? Well, if you are curious about how video marketing is helping businesses dominate their industries and why tons of businesses are using it, read the content below.

Key Benefits of Video Marketing Services That Businesses Are Getting

Online video marketing can help both big and small companies in several different ways and provide solid support to their business and marketing goals such as customer retention, conversion, customer education and more.

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And the best part is that 86% percent of businesses are happy with the results of their video marketing efforts and consider them a success (Source: RenderForest). So with that being said, here are the four major benefits that businesses are getting out of online video marketing services:

  • Increase in Web Traffic: According to Cisco; 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video by 2020. This means not only brands are getting massive traffic through a well-thought video marketing strategy right now, but they will also only see an increase in the future.
  • More Conversions: One of the key benefits of video marketing is that it helps in significantly increasing the sales. According to WordStream; videos have been proven to increase conversion rates by 80%.
  • Consumer Education: According to OptinMonster; 97% of businesses using explainer videos say it helps customers understand their business better. And the better customer understands a business, the more chances of them getting converted.
  • Provide Support: After including FAQs in the video marketing strategy, businesses reported that their support calls were reduced to 53%. (Source: OptinMonster)

So these are the primary ways through which businesses are leveraging online video marketing services and dominating the market in their niches. Let’s break down these four video marketing strategies below.

How Businesses Are Crushing It With Online Video Marketing?

Video marketing is not only helping businesses get a lot of benefits, but it is also making it simpler for the customers to understand things. This is what really matters in the end; to provide as much value to customers as you can. This is the reason that 94% of businesses see the video as a useful tool. So without further ado, let’s see how businesses are using online video marketing services to harness a multitude of benefits:

Driving Traffic to Their Website

There is no doubt about the fact that videos are very useful in getting new website traffic and keeping the visitors on the site much longer. According to MarketingSherpa, viewers spend 100% more time on the web pages that feature a product video. This means less bounce rate and if the bounce rate is lesser, you will get more preference from Google in rankings, and that will obviously result in more traffic.

Brands mostly promote their products or services on social media platforms and various other content sites to drive customers to their website, and 80% of the marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing efforts. (Source: Social Media Examiner). So once the traffic is on a business’s website, they obviously incorporate more videos on the website to make their customers stay longer and eventually get converted. Otherwise, businesses use the data of their website visitors to retarget them on the social media platform in the future. So either way, it’s a win-win!

Example: The Home Depot is among the companies that are seeing massive results with their video marketing strategy. They post very visually appealing videos on Facebook and showcase their products with a link to their website in the captions that helps viewers directly visit their website.

Incorporating Videos on Their Website Pages

Adding videos in the pages of a website where necessary helps businesses increase their conversion rates significantly. According to Social Media Today; 74% of people who watched an explainer video actually bought the product after it. So that clearly shows why businesses leveraging video marketing services are getting a boost in their ROI.

Besides, when a brand’s video appears on the product page and tells the customer about the product and promotes it in a way that photos or text cannot, the customer gets more confidence to make the purchase. According to STMIK LIKMI; 52% of the customers agree that watching a product video makes them more confident when making an online purchase. This proves videos are a key tool in the sales process.

Example: Blendtec is one of the companies that is promoting its products on its website through a video series ‘Will it blend?” In the video, they try to blend hard objects like car-keys or cell phones and showcase the power of their blenders. This obviously helps their customers get the idea of how durable and heavy-duty their blenders are and helps customers make the decision.

Using Explainer Videos to Educate Users

One of the most helpful ways when it comes to making it easy for the new customers or potential customers to understand how they should use a product is through explainer videos. This is one of the benefits of video marketing services which is backed by a huge data. According to SocialSamosa; 95% of people have watched an explainer video to understand a product or service.

The main reason why businesses use explainer videos to educate their new and potential customers is that they visualize everything and provide a clear message of what the product or service is about and how it is going to help them. Also, the voiceover and the use of relevant graphics in the video further help customers get a better understanding.

So if you are not using any video marketing services, make sure to hire a professional video marketing agency and help your customers learn more about you.

Example: An app that allows users to turn their photos into the postcards; Postly, is leveraging explainer videos to educate their customers. In the 45 seconds of short video, they have managed to clearly tell their new and potential customers how their app works. They have also incorporated the key messages of their brand; affordability, usability and customization in that small 45 seconds video.

Providing Support Through Videos

One of the most critical factors behind the customer acquisition and retention of a business is its support. Granted, support agents can better guide people and solve their problems, but, the most common queries can be solved through videos. In fact, 47% of businesses rely on videos to reduce support queries. (Source: Hubspot).

The videos generally contain frequently asked questions and provide visual instruction on how these problems can be solved or certain tasks can be completed. This not only allows businesses to save money on hiring huge support staff, but it also helps customers save their time and energy that goes into understanding written material.

Example: A software company; MuleSoft, is using videos to explain to their customers how they can do certain things and also answers the most common questions in their videos. They have a whole page dedicated to the video content where they provide answers to frequently asked questions, add product tutorials and many more informational things.

So these are a few benefits of video marketing services that businesses are cultivating and as a result, dominating in their industries. If you want such benefits as well, make sure to partner up with a professional video marketing agency.

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