Launch A Kickstarter Campaign Like A Fortune 500 Company CEO

Taha Khan | April 15, 2019

According to Statista; there is a 36.63% success rate of campaigns on Kickstarter which means the remaining ~63% fail. Do you know why? The reason is that the people behind them only know how to start a Kickstarter project and not how to launch it like a Fortune 500 Company CEO.

There are some things that a successful crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign should possess and we are going to walk you through those things. Assuming that you know how to start a Kickstarter campaign, let’s see the things you need to consider for its success.

How to Start a Kickstarter Project? – 8 Crucial Factors for a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

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Know the Purpose of Campaign:

This is the most crucial and most ignored aspect of starting a crowdfunding Kickstarter project. Though it seems obvious, the difference between successful campaigns and the ones that fail is the reason why they are doing it! Successful campaigns have a video defining the exact purpose of their campaign, where they are and where they want to be through the help and support of their backers.

Raising money, testing demand and increasing awareness about your project are all valid reasons but knowing the ‘why’ will help you get your priorities straight. It will also help the potential backers understand exactly what you are trying to achieve and why you want to achieve it.

Test and Refine Your Message until It’s Perfect

You came with the idea, and that’s why you understand it but your customer might not. You need to make your message as clear and easy to understand as possible so your customers can have a precise idea of what you are doing. So for this, you need to create a document including all the details of your crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign and send it to people like your relatives, friends or even some loyal customers.

Make sure that your message is as easy to grasp as possible. This way, if there is any ‘technical’ stuff in your message that is hard to understand, the people reviewing the document will let you know. Use their feedback to refine your message and then send them again. Do this until you hit the sweet spot and your idea is perfectly understandable. Now you can go ahead and create a Kickstarter campaign video on it.

Create a Strategic Funding Goal:

One of the mistakes that many people with unsuccessful or the least successful crowdfunding Kickstarter campaigns make is that they do not set the funding goals intelligently. Your aim should be to get enough to bring your product to life and get it to the backers. You need to look at factors like the minimum order quantity from the manufacturer, the costs of packaging and shipping and any other costs.

See how much the total is going to be and then set a number that meets this estimate. Don’t overset the budget because your campaign will fail if you don’t gather that amount before the timeline ends. Furthermore, a realistic and not so big number seems doable to the backers as well, and that also motivates them to support your campaign.

Create Rewards for Backers That Are Clear & Attractive:

What’s the motivating factors that can make people back your crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign? The rewards! And you need to pick the appropriate reward levels for the product you are selling. Make sure to create an entry level reward for people who like your project and want to be a part of your journey.

You need to add exclusivity to your rewards, and that means you need to offer incentives that will only be given to the backers of your project. This will also create a sense of urgency as people will not be able to get those rewards after your campaign ends which will trigger impulse buying in most.

Take as Much Time as You Need to Create an Excellent Video:

Having a Kickstarter promotion video is very important. And this is not just coming from us; there is a perfect reason why every guide on launching a successful crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign preaches the necessity of having a great video. According to Kickstarter; ‘projects that have a Kickstarter marketing video on their campaign page have a higher chance of getting success than the ones without it, and the ratio is 50% vs. just 30%.

Therefore, it is imperative that you focus on having a great explainer video that tells your story, clearly explains your project, is created professionally and is visually appealing as well. You can contact crowdfunding Kickstarter video creation agency to get help from the professionals and simply crush it with your video.

Build Backers From The Start:

People like to back the project that has started to see get some response from other backers. This is the reason that you need to show your potential backers that your project already has some backers. And you can do that by building a group of backers the moment your Kickstarter campaign goes live. Work on the Kickstarter marketing by creating an email list of people to share your project with.

These people can be your friends, relatives, customers, associates or anybody who might be interested in what you are offering. This way, let’s say you send email to a 100 people and even of 10% back your project, the chances of your potential customers backing your project will be higher because they will see other people already supporting your idea.

Moreover, if you get a good velocity of people backing your project, your crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign may enter into the trending section of Kickstarter where they have an audience of more than 19 million that visit the website every month. This will obviously increase your chances of getting more backers.

Work on Kickstarter Promotion:

Once your campaign is live, and it also has some backers, the next step is to drive traffic to it. You need to engage in aggressive marketing while staying within your allocated budget. The reason why we suggest aggressive Kickstarter marketing is because your campaign will be on a timer, so you need to act fast and be aggressive. For this, you need to hire a Kickstarter promotion company that will help you reach people through social media ads, news websites, blogs and influencers within your niche and more.

The reason for marketing your campaign on different platforms is because according to LyfeMarketing; More than 80% of shoppers/buyers do their research online before investing in a product/service. So if your campaign story or video is published on news websites and is shared by influencers in your niche, its credibility will increase, and people will obviously invest in it.

Furthermore, do not forget the power of reaching offline audiences; you can find some of the biggest backers of your project upon meeting them personally. Attend events in your industry, join meetups, host live events and do anything that you can to bring awareness to people about your campaign.

Keep Updating the Backers and Be Available:

Kickstarter is a community of people who are passionate about innovation and that’s why, you need to keep your backers updated with the progress of your project because they will be highly interested and excited about it. Plus, if your backers see that the progress is not at the right place, they may bring backers on their own to support your campaign.

Furthermore, potential backers of your project will ask a lot of questions before they finally back it up. Make sure to answer them all and on time. This will also convey a sense that you are very passionate about the project and are fully devoted to it.

3 Reasons Why Video is The Most Crucial Part of Your Crowdfunding Kickstarter Project

    1. It is the Voice of Your Product:

    There is no doubt about the fact that your campaign’s page is crucial for its success, but, the video is even more important. Without it, your sales pitch will only be at its 50% potential. And without a perfect sales pitch, you will not get many backers outside of your friends and family.

    Videos provide your backers with an audio-visual experience that helps them clearly see what your product is about and once they see the product in action, they will know what your product can do to help them. This is what makes ALL the difference in changing people’s mind.

    1. You May Come Across as Lazy and Unprofessional Without it:

    A small number of people might not even watch the video, but, having a video at your campaign’s page will let everyone know that you have put a lot of effort and you are serious about the project.

    But if you don’t have a video, your potential backer might think that this seller is too lazy to even greet me and tell me the reason for inviting me to this page.

    And if the video is made professionally with the help of a video making agency, it will give away the impression that you are willing to do anything to make this campaign successful.

    1. Video Will Paint a Picture in Backers’ Minds:

    The video is the most important part of your Kickstarter marketing efforts because it is the only tool you can use to help your backers envision themselves using the product. When shopping online, people can’t touch or feel things, but they can perfectly see them.

    So with a small clip of your product in action, you can help your backers understand how they can use the product and how it will help them.

    This is the secret behind the success of many Fortune 500 companies’ campaigns because ultimately the backer needs to see value in what you are offering and a well-directed and produced video can help them just do that.

    PurpleFox Can Help You Get a Kickstarter Marketing Video For an Explosive Success:

    Now that you know how to start a Kickstarter campaign like a fortune 500 company CEO and why video is the most important part of its success, you need a professional video production service to make that lasting impression and get people to back your campaign.

    This is where PurpleFox comes in, with our state of the art explainer/animation video production facility and next-gen tools and software, we will make sure your potential backers break that ‘back this project’ button. If you want to know more about us or want to get more knowledge of animation videos, please visit our website’s blog section.

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