Live Action VS. Animated Marketing Videos, Which Should You Go With & Why?

Taha Khan | March 7, 2019

Commercial video production, whether live-action or animated, has significantly increased in the past few years. According to Dream Grow; 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. And that is the reason why more and more brands are leveraging business video production services.

But, there are two main types of commercial production companies where one provides live-action video, and the other provides animated marketing video production services. So as a business, which one should you choose? Well, read this guide to find the answer.

Live Action Marketing Videos

If you don’t know, live action marketing videos are the ones that involve real human characters and are shot in real-time. The commercials you see on the television are the perfect example of live action videos. 

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Production Companies:

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Human Touch

The primary advantage and perhaps the reason why many businesses prefer commercial video production is the fact that it encompasses live human characters. This allows the live action videos to convey a humanizing feeling. The audience can observe body language and can relate to the emotions of the human character.

Can be D.I.Y

Live action marketing video production services can cost A LOT! So if a business is tight on budget and cannot afford to hire a professional commercial video production company, then they can also create their own live-action video. But, they will still have to spend some money on video editing, getting a camera crew, hiring actors, and several other resources.

Can be shot quickly

Videos are among the primary marketing assets of a business and should be given as much time as possible to get them perfectly right. But, if a business doesn’t have much time and just wants to get over with the video production process, then live commercial video production can be done in a very short period of time that can span on just a week or two.

Drawbacks of Hiring Live Action Marketing Video Production Services:

No Going Back

One of the major drawbacks of getting live marketing video production services is that there is not much flexibility when it comes to changing something in the video once it is created.

You will have to shoot that entire scene again, and that means calling the actors, renting out the set, hiring the camera crew and more all over again.

The limitation to Creativity

There is a HUGE limitation to what you can depict through the live-action video that simply can be quite a bummer when it comes to giving life to abstract ideas or concepts.

Sure you can use special effects and CGI but that will take your costs beyond the sky, so you might as well take a trip to Mars because that will be more affordable.  

The gist is that there is so much that the actors or production crew can do, and that won’t be enough to bring your ideas to life.

Dependence on the Actors

Live action business video production services heavily rely on the talent of the actors to make them as presentable and professional as possible. And the better job the actors do, the more engaging a live-action video can be.

But here’s the kicker; the slightest mistake in showing the emotions can spot the whole context of the video, and you will lose the interest of the audience.

Limited Engagement

Live action videos, if done right, do produce engagement. But, the current millennial and baby boomer generation have already watched too many live-action videos and have been doing so from the start.

This commonness of live action videos has decreased their engagement ratio as people now need something that they haven’t witnessed before.

And that is only possible if something out of the box is presented to the audience which either requires too much investment for special effects or the production of animated videos to bring abstract to life.

Animated Marketing Videos

Animated videos involve Cartoon characters and scenes that are created using hand drawings and computer software. Animation explainer videos are used on a very large scale for video marketing and can result in a boost in user engagement and conversion rates.

Benefits of Animated Business Video Production Services:

Imagination is the Limit

With animated commercial video production, businesses can show whatever they want to show. Animated video can show a duck flying in the sky with a cape or a fish eating sushi or anything you want to show.

Your potential for showing things through animated explainer video is limited to your imagination which tends to be limitless. And by bringing your ideas to life, you can make the video very enjoyable.

According to Unruly; enjoyment of video ads can increase the purchase intent by 97%. This means the more fun, and out of the box your animated video is, the more business you will get.

Near to Zero Margin of Error

There is literally no margin of error with animated videos. Why? Because you can always undo and redo things. Your animation company can edit or change anything you want through the source file which is not the case with the live action video.

So if the video is finalized and you think that a character should be shown more happy or sad or should be shown walking on the moon instead of drinking coffee in his office, you can do just that!

This shows how much customizable animated videos are and how you cannot make any mistakes that may result in less engagement.

Boosts ROI

According to Social Media Today; 74% of people who watched an explainer video actually bought the product after it. And that is because the animated video commercial production companies combine beautiful visuals, eye-catchy colors and highly relatable characters with realistic emotions that instill confidence in the customer.

This helps the customer understand what exactly your product or service will do and makes it easier for them to take the decision and make a purchase that results in a higher ROI. You can read how animated video increases ROI for businesses in our separate post.

Higher Engagement

If you see a duck flying with a cape in a video, would you close that video? No, right? Well, you can only pull off such captivating visual effects with animated videos. So the fact that an animated commercial production company can show whatever it wants, increases the chances of having a MASSIVE boost in customer engagement.

And if the video is entertaining enough, it will get tons of shares as well that will increase your brand’s exposure to more potential customers for virtually free of cost. As mentioned on Dream Grow; 76% of the users are likely to share a branded video with friends if they find it entertaining.

Fewer Resources Required

The pain of having to hire camera crew, actors, rent a location, get props, clothes, and many more resources with live action commercial video production is not present in the animated videos. All you need to do is to connect with the right animation company, and they will do everything. 

Granted, there is scriptwriting and voice-over, but that can be done by your animation company as well. You can just watch the animation as it reaches different milestones and suggests edits or changes. This results in less effort and saves a lot of time.


Drawbacks of Animated Video Production:

Can Take a Little Longer

Professional animated commercial production companies go above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect and ready to be marketed. This may result in a few days or weeks more than the production of the live-action video, but the end result is always captivating and highly engaging.

No D.I.Y

Yes! Unless you know how to use animation software and have years of experience in the professional animation commercial video production, you cannot create your own explainer videos. But do you really think that creating your own video whether it is live action or an animated one will have that professionalism and perfection that can be achieved with professional commercial video production companies?

What about the Costs?

Well, when it comes to professional marketing video production services, cost plays a crucial role. Though we cannot tell you an exact number of any type of video production, we can tell you which one would cost more or less.

Live Action Commercial Video Production Services:

So when it comes to the live action video production, as mentioned several times, you will have to take care of a lot of things ranging from actors to props and more. This means you will be making payments to actors, directors, camera crew, producers, and renting out props and shoot locations and more.

This will obviously result in high costs and not forgetting the fact that you will need excellent lighting, makeup, dresses and a lot of other things to bring life to your live action video, and that can be very expensive.

Animated Business Video Production Services:

Now if we talk about animated business video production services, then they are not cheap as well! If you hire some random freelancer, then you might get away with a few bucks and a joke in the name of a professionally animated video.

But, if you want to get a professional video with beautiful scenes, brand matching color scheme, exclusive characters and other on-screen items, then you may have to pay $10,000 or more, but that will still be less than the price of live action video production services.

Purplefox Can Provide You with Professional Animated Marketing Video Production Services:

So if you are looking for the best and the most professional animated B2C or B2B video marketing service, you can always contact PurpleFox. We leverage industry-leading software and tools to craft unique and highly engaging animated explainer videos.

With us on your side, you can always aim for higher ROI, increased customer engagement and a boost in your brand loyalty.

We don’t take any cookie cutter approach. We build all of our client videos from the ground up. All of our videos are custom made. Created from scratch from unique, in-house designed storyboards and animated using industry leading tools. Contact us today to get started. 

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