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8 Steps Animation Process

The whole process spans 4 to 5 weeks.Let’s break it down for you.


Fill Up Our Application To See If You Get Approved

A failed project reflects heavy on our conscious, we take a tremendous amount of pride in our work, which unfortunately cannot be scaled. No matter how much we want to serve everyone, we just can’t. This application is to see if your vision and goals matches with ours & if we are the right team to help you succeed. If we aren’t the perfect team for the job, we’ll point you in the right direction, even if it’s toward a competitor.


Post-Approval Discussion

Once approved, we will get in touch with you and your team to further expand on the nitty-gritty details of your business or product,whom you want to market it to and unique features you want to focus on. We will also discuss budget in this stage and the results you wish to achieve.


Visualization & Neuroscience Script Writing

After understanding you & your business goals, we go to work and learn as much as we can about your niche and your competitors-  so we can understand your offering on a much deeper level. Once we’ve locked a narrative structure in place, we develop a script (with a lot of brain-science behind it) along with a entertaining visuals that matches the story. 


Alluring Storyboard & Character Design

Derived from the script, we create a storyboard which resembles a comic book of how each scene & characters in your video shall look like. You can take a stroll through the visual road-map of how your video will look at the end. These basic sketches shall give you a rough idea about the final output you shall receive. Love it? Like it? Can get better? Just let us know because your involvement is highly encouraged for the results to be amazing!


Voice-over Casting & Selection

Wondering who’s going to tell your story? There’s no denying it; a voice over can make or break your video! Just having a voice over in your video won’t cut it, the quality matters. But worry not! From our database of some curated professional voice talent, you can prefer the one you like. Whether male or female, be it American, British or Australian  accent, it is your call to choose a voice-over artist that you think will hit a home run with your video. The chosen artist will then record an exquisite narrative that works like magic for your video.


Production Stage

With all the pieces put into place, it’s  animation time!! Here our animators breathe life into the illustrations created for your video. During this phase, our experienced team of animators starts working on their movie magic. They give an illusion of life to the visual style created, perfectly timed with a good voice over to make a amazing video that reels the audience and turns them to customers.


Music & Sound Effect

Have you experienced a sudden mood switch with a nice song? Well, your animated video can do the same to your viewers. Whether you need a subtle music, a humor-filled one, an energizer or a combination of these, anything that perfectly suits your video can be created with ease. Custom sound effects such as a mouse click, scrolls,  and pop-ups can be added for an extra flair.


Final Delivery

Ta-da! Your animated explainer video is all set and ready to charm the audience. We deliver the final output to you in the best quality. Of course, it is all a long process and a lot of work. But, when we create something for you, we want to do it right. Share your animated explainer video with the world and get your marketing done right at Purplefox Animation!

“I had the opportunity to work with the talented and professional team of Purplefox on a animation project. They had both the ability to listen to my detail perception of how I think video should look like and the imagination and artistic ability to bring thoughts and emotions to life in a way I could never imagine. I am thankful for that. Working as an educator, I had an initiative I wanted to implement however in the large crowd of the education community I had to stick out in order to get the decision-makers attention. The animation produced in collaboration with Purplefox did the job and opened the doors for me at the highest level.”

Shaey Morrison

Researcher, Harvard School of Education

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