The Secret of A Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Taha Khan | March 7, 2019

Thousands of Kickstarter campaigns are launched each year, but not all of them achieve their goal. Though there are many reasons why this happens, one thing that is common among all of them is that they miss the one secret ingredient that makes a successful Kickstarter campaigns.

So this guide will help you understand; how does Kickstarter work? How to start a Kickstarter campaign? And what is the key ingredient behind the most funded Kickstarter projects? So without further ado, let’s get started:

How Does Kickstarter Work?

Though Kickstarter was founded a decade ago, many people still have no idea how does Kickstarter work. Well, if you are among them and want to know the answer to this exact question then our ‘how does Kickstarter work’ section of this guide will help you understand it.

So basically, Kickstarter is a funding platform that you can leverage to generate funds if you have a project. You can just post your project with all of its details, appealing video (the most crucial factor) and some non-equity based incentives and rewards in exchange of funds from people.

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You set a goal of raising an amount of money for your project, and people start to back it by contributing money. If a project’s goal is not met, it gets cancelled, and the supporters are not charged money. But, if the goal is met, the supporters will be charged and you will have to send out their reward.

How to Start a Kickstarter Campaign?

So now that you know how does Kickstarter work? Let’s talk about how to start a Kickstarter campaign in the steps given below:

Create Account: Go to and create an account

Create Campaign: Now create your project page, give it a proper title, describe your project and set an amount of money you need to achieve your goal.

Incentives: Add attractive rewards for the backers of your projects with different amounts of money.

Create a Killer Video: This is the most important part of your whole Kickstarter campaign. Make sure to hire a professional company to get an explainer video describing your project.

Launch: Now once everything is done, launch your campaign and ask your friends and loyal customers to back your project.

Promote: Now you can promote your campaign on social media, news websites and other mediums to start getting backers.

 So this is how to start a Kickstarter campaign, the steps given here are just to give you a basic idea, you should talk to an expert before starting the campaign.

What is the Secret Ingredient of a Successful Kickstarter Campaigns?

Now that you know how Kickstarter work and how to a start a Kickstarter campaign, you must be looking for that one thing behind the explosive success of many Kickstarter campaigns, right? Well, that is…….DRUM ROLL…..Explainer Video. Yes! You read it right, videos are behind most of the successful Kickstarter campaigns, and virtually all of the best Kickstarter projects have videos on their campaign pages.

There are several reasons why videos are behind the most funded Kickstarter campaigns, and we are going to talk about some of the most common ones backed by stats and studies. So let’s have a look:

Communicates Emotions:

What is the one thing that sells the most? Emotion! Thinking of every human is connected with his/her emotions so if the emotions are positive about something, they will think positively about it. And if they are negative, then they will obviously have a negative perspective about that thing.

And the best part is that videos convey much more clear emotions than written words do. Granted, books contain text and they also convey emotions, but movies can be more emotional because you don’t have to visualize a situation like with books, they are showing you the exact situation.

According to Psychology Today; people rely on emotions, rather than information, to make brand decisions. And that’s where explainer videos can help. You can associate positive emotions with your brand and product/service and increase conversions.

Depicts a Relatable Character:

According to Tubular Insights; 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos. Why? Because they have a relatable character/story in them. There can be more characters, but the one character that is primarily focused in the video is made in a way that relates to the story of audience. Of course, it will not relate to everyone because many people may not need your product, but it will highly relate to your target audience.

For instance, you are selling waterproof tents for camping and you are showing a character ‘Rob’ who used to face problems on his camping trips in rainy seasons because his tent leaked water. But, with your waterproof tent, he can enjoy his trip even if it’s raining like cats and dogs.

Did you see what just happened here? Many people who go to camping trips face this problem when it rains, and you just made your campaign of selling waterproof tents highly relatable by using a video depicting Rob. This is what some of the best Kickstarter projects do.

Shows Sincerity of the Creator:

Videos, if made correctly and have high quality can actually build the credibility of the campaign creator and increase audience trust. According to DigiDay; 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.

The reason is that people can see who is behind that campaign as you will be giving an intro about yourself in the video as well. So if your audience can see a face on a brand, they become more confident in making a purchase.

Also, if the video is making people confident with an online purchase, then it is definitely building brand credibility which you can also leverage later with more of your campaigns as well.

Brings Motivation:

Based on the tone of the voiceover, the carefully structured scenes of the video and the uplifting and motivating music, the audience can get motivated to back the project. Sales and marketing are based on people’s psychology, and if you can trigger the right emotions, they can make the purchase.

This is exactly what you can achieve with an explainer video. You can associate your project with a goal and ask people to help you achieve that goal. You can visualize that goal in the video, and once people see it, they will believe it because seeing is believing.

And that will ultimately motivate them to take action and back your campaign.

It is Fun and Easy to Understand:

Let’s face it; no one would be much interested in reading the whole Kickstarter campaign page of 5 to 10 thousand words when they don’t even know what to expect out of a product. And to know that, they will have to read the long description which they may not read because they don’t know what to expect out of this product, it is an endless loop that will ultimately result in the abandonment of most purchases.

Since your project is going to be completely new to the audience, they would want something that can help them completely understand it without them having to make any effort. And videos are a perfect tool for that because around 95% of people have watched an explainer video to understand a product or service. (Source: SocialSamosa)

Furthermore, with attractive graphics, fun characters and appealing music, people will actually enjoy your video. 

Some Examples of Best Kickstarter Projects 

– Most Funded Kickstarter Campaigns –

*one guy raised 55k for POTATO SALAD!

If you are wondering if videos have really helped people get highly successful Kickstarter campaigns or not, then YES they have. Have a look at some of the most funded Kickstarter campaigns that got massive success from a video.

Zach Brown: He raised $55,000 through his Kickstarter campaign and guess what his project was? Potato Salad! Yes, you read it right. He came up with the idea of potato salad, created a video, put it on his Kickstarter campaign page and people found it very appealing.

Kali Holloway: She needed $1,200 to self-publish her book ‘Live Wrong and Prosper’ so she made a Kickstarter campaign with just a video. And guess what? She was able to raise 1,243 with a whipping 63 backers which obviously makes her campaign one of the best Kickstarter projects.

So with just the examples of Zach and Kali, you can see how videos can result in some of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns. 

Let PurpleFox Help You Get a Professional Kickstarter Campaign Video

Now you know how does Kickstarter work, how to start a Kickstarter campaign and why video is the most crucial part of the whole project, you must be wondering where to get a professional explainer video for your project.

Well, PurpleFox can help you with that. Being an industry leading explainer video production agency, we can help you pull off a successful Kickstarter campaign with our visually appealing and easy to understand explainer videos.

Furthermore, if you are on the fence about whether you should go for explainer videos or not, then you can also read our post on how explainer videos can help you increase your ROI. We are certain that you will make the right choice after reading it.

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