The Ultimate Video Marketing Strategy

How To Leverage The Power Of Videos To Attract, Engage, And Convert Your Audience Into Customers.

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If you are just dipping your toe into the vast sea of video marketing, then one thing that you need the most is a solid video marketing strategy. The primary reason why you need a proper video marketing strategy is that there are so many variations in videos and different audiences have different preferences. And since you are making videos for your audience, you need to get the right type of video with the right style to make it engaging for them. The days where you can just create a video from a camcorder and put it on your brand’s website are long gone.

Why Do You need to Read This Guide?

With the business marketplace, the consumers have also evolved, and now they need something that stands out from the crowd. And YOU need to have a video that can capture their attention in today’s noisy marketing environment, engage them and compel them to take action. This is where you need a guide that can take your hand and take you through all the necessary steps that you need to follow to create a strong video marketing strategy.

That is the main reason why we, at PurpleFox have decided to provide you with that guide. With the seven most practical and actionable chapters that our guide has, you will be able to fully understand all the nooks of video marketing and see an explosive success with your own strategy.

Things We Will Cover in This Guide:

There are a total of seven main things or steps related to the video marketing strategy that we will talk about in this guide. We will break down each of them and have an in-depth discussion with YOU regarding the best practices to follow in each step. Here are the seven steps to video marketing strategy covered in this guide:

After going through all of these factors that a video marketing strategy should have, you will have a pretty clear idea of what to expect out of video marketing, what you need to do, how you will do it and what costs you can expect. So with that said; let’s start with the first chapter.

Chapter 1: How To Stand Out From The Crowd!

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“To stand out is to be known for something outstanding”

― Sunday Adelaja

There are a number of things that companies need; to be able to thrive and not just survive such as a unique selling point, visionary leadership, and extraordinary service and so on. But, the cut-throat competitive business environment of today is filled with promotional messages wherever you turn. In fact, a company has recently launched a ‘screen blocking’ pair of goggles that you can wear outside to block all the advertisements.

You need to have a story in your advertisements because consumers are tired of seeing senseless ads entirely focused on promoting a product. What story does…is that it can elicit emotions, instill confidence and make the audience understand even the most complex information. Furthermore, video is essential for your marketing strategy because it has small size; it is measurable and also memorable.

These things aren’t just some components in a marketing mix; they make it easy for you to promote your message to the audience that likes short and engaging pieces. And since it’s all based on visuals, you can show complex concepts, share stories about your happy customers or inspire your audience to take action.

Advantages of Using Video Marketing:

Besides being a visual, measurable and action-oriented medium, there are a plethora of more benefits of leveraging video marketing. Have a look at a few prominent ones below:

Provides a Boost in Revenue:

The fact that videos contain attractive and highly relatable characters and visually appealing graphics, it grabs the attention of the audience quickly. And that way, the person listens to what you have to say which sparks their interest in your product or service and most of them ultimately end up buying it.

According to Aberdeen Group; marketers who leverage videos grow company revenue by 49% faster each year than those who don’t. This shows how powerful videos can be when it comes to boosting your revenue.

Puts an Influence on Buyer’s Decisions:

We all know that there are tons of variables that influence a buyer’s buying decision. For some, it can be the addressing of a key problem that a person is facing and for others, it can be the emotions behind a marketing message that makes them buy what you are offering.

But, one thing that is above all of these things is the visualization! By showing your product being used in the video you are actually helping the audience visualize themselves using that product. This can help them understand why they need to get it.

According to HubSpot; 97% of marketers agree that video has helped increase the user understanding of their service or product. You can now see why visualization is the key factor and it can only be done right through videos.

People Want to See Video:

Yes! You read it right! The customer base of today has evolved and they will not be satisfied by just seeing a few photos on social media or newspapers or billboards. They want more and therefore, you need to spice things up and bring your A game.

You need to provide your audience with what it really wants and that is VIDEO! According to HubSpot; people prefer videos over newsletters, emails, social images, blog posts, and downloadable content, etc. Besides, a video provides you with a better chance of convincing your potential customers.

You Get a Higher Rank in Search Results:

The number of time people spend on your page after landing on it from Google’s search can impact your rank in search results which are called as ‘Dwell Time’ and according to Backlinko, it is a crucial ranking factor.

Furthermore, as mentioned by HubSpot; 80% of marketers agree that video has increased their website’s dwell time. If you are still not convinced, have a look at a few stats below:

  • The average internet user spends about 88% more time on websites with a video. (Source: Word Stream)
  • Websites with videos typically have two minutes longer dwell time than the ones that don’t. (Source: HighIQ)
  • Websites that effectively leverage video have 53 times higher likelihood of getting ranked at Google’s first page. (Source: Forrester)
  • 55 percent of search results for keyword searched in the U.S. alone have at least one video. (Source: Tubular Insights)

These stats are enough to give you an idea of how powerful videos are for ranking and having a video can not only increase your chances of getting higher rank but also make your webpage more appealing.

Get a Boost in Traffic:

Videos make your content more appealing because sometimes people are not in the mood of reading the whole plain text on the page. According to The Digital; Websites that use videos enjoy 41% more traffic from search results than the ones that don’t. This also shows how crucial role video plays in helping websites boost their traffic.

Get in Front of Decision Makers:

Business executives are people with a bustling routine which means they don’t have the time to read long blog posts or emails. But, they do like to watch videos as stated by Forbes; 3/4th of business executives watch videos related to work weekly and 54% of them even share those videos with colleagues every week.

Also, as stated by Word Stream; about 59% of senior executives say that if there are text and video at the same page and on the same topic, they would give preference to the video.

However, they are not the only ones, according to HubSpot; 72% of people would rather watch the video to learn about a service or a product.

This shows that video is the first choice of people with busy schedules and by leveraging videos, you are increasing your chances of getting in front of the decision makers than those who don’t.

Increase Your Conversions:

According to the research conducted by Aberdeen Group; businesses that use video have a 27% higher click-through rate and they also get a 34% higher web conversion rate. There are tons of reasons behind it but the most obvious ones are that video saves time, instills confidence, helps users relate and visualize themselves using the product or service.

Get More Shares and Backlinks:

According to Small Business Trends; social videos get over 1,200 percent more shares than images and text combined. That means you can literally make your brand’s video go viral if it has a solid script and intelligent direction.

Furthermore, embedding a video in your post or page triples the average number of linking domains (Source: Shareaholic).

Plus, as stated by HubSpot; if your intended audience enjoys your brand video then 83% of them will consider sharing the video with their friends.

This means you will be getting tons of backlinks with just one video and that will obviously help you achieve credibility, authority and higher ranking in search results.

Get Those Emails Noticed:

If you want to crush it in the email game then a video is the way to go. As mentioned by Forbes; just using the word video in your email’s subject line can increase the open rates by 19%, reduce unsubscribes by 26% and boost click-through rates by 65%.

You can now see how using videos in your emails can help you get noticed in people’s inboxes and ultimately get them to take action.

So this was the first chapter of our Video Marketing Strategy Guide which was dedicated to helping you understand why you need video in the first place. The second chapter is about building a robust video marketing strategy, see you on the other side!

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